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Answers to Questions about Bail Bonds

There are times that you end up getting arrested or someone you know gets arrested. These situations can be a challenging time and may entail tons of patience on your part or the part of the person who got arrested. A person who gets arrested possibly would take note of the process in getting a bail bond. In this case, bail bonds insurance companies will come into play. The thing is that bail bond insurance could be one of the ways a person who is facing charges might get some provisional liberty while waiting for the resolution of the case before a court of law. As such, there are some questions people may want to ask and the corresponding answers to such questions. Get more info here:

How much will the bail cost?

The cost of a bail bond will depend on the state where you are in or where a person got arrested. Based on data, the typical amount would be 10 to 15 percent of the original bond amount. In this case, if the bond amount is about $10,000 then the bond would be from $1,000 to $1,500, which represents 10% and 15% respectively. The percentage usually is mandated by State law, for this reason the amount may differ from one state to another.

How long do I need to be in jail before one can post bail?

There are variables that needed to be considered that will determine the amount of time a person needs to be in jail. The amount of time in jail will also be based on one’s record or any pending previous charges. With the variables, it may increase the amount of time a person needs to spend in jail. There are situations when after an arrest, bail may be denied for at least eight to nine hours—again depending on the state. There are certain cases or situations where the judge might rule to deny a person to post bail. Click here for more details.

Is there a way to call someone from jail.?

Of course, it is a right of a person to be able to place a telephone call from jail. One needs to understand that there are times a pay phone may be the only option for those who got arrested. The best option is to have a local number where to reach family or friends. There are bonds companies that may offer assistance and may accept collect calls from jails. Get more details here:

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